Thanks for visiting my website.
Because there is current not enough time, to create an english version of my site, I will give you some information about the site at this place.
I have started this site in May 2004. Before May the pages with my bug pictures was part of our family Website But then I decided, that it would be better to start a seperate site called "". Insekten is the german word for bugs and Makro has in both languages the same meaning (k/c). And this Sitename is the program: You will find only pictures of bugs on this site. Some kind of dragonflys, bees, flys, hover, some spiders, humbles, different bugs, ... . Current there are appr. 200 macros.
All pictures are made by myself and all! bugs was alive. Mostly I have used the Canon G3 and the strong closeup lens Zörk Macroscope (12 Diop.).
You find the pictures in the section "Insektenmakros" at the menu. The different submenus have mostly german titles, but I think, the pictures describe the content enough;-).
If you klick at one of the thumbnails, the enlarged picture will be opened in a new window (which will be closed automatically, if you leave it).

Enjoy the pictures